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How to join
How to join

How to join


1.  Fill out a registration form which can be gotten from your potential sponsor or our website www.fmcosmeticsgh.com under the sub title "Register Online".

2.  Pay in GH¢143.75 to our account, details of which can be gotten from our office (+233289674864, +233542031217, +233542963986).

3.  Your starter kit will be sent out to you through Fedex or S.T.C. If you are outside Accra, a delivery charge of GH¢10.00 and GH¢5.00 respectively applies so that means you will pay GH¢153.75 for Fedex and GH¢148.75 for S.T.C into the account and you should receive it maximum of 48 hours.

4.  You are now ready to start business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is my Sponsor?
Your Sponsor is the person that introduced you to the business. You have the right to choose your sponsor. Be careful about choosing who your sponsor is because you might not be able to change him/her. If you do not have a sponsor, one of the leaders in the company closest to your location will be assigned to you to enable your business launch out smoothly.

What is a Starter Kit?
The Starter Kit is your marketing tool. It contains about 160 samples of all the fragrances currently being done by FM. Your samples are not for sale but testing so your customers can smell before they buy the big bottle of perfume. The starter kit also comes complete with the marketing plan, catalog, price list, available product list and a bottle of perfume (30ml or 50ml) depending on your choice.

I am interested but I have never done Network Marketing before!
There is a first time for everything. Bear in mind that everybody uses fragrance and FM Fragrances offer a wide range of selection so it is easy to sell. Secondly, our fragrances are very affordable so it is easy to buy. As regards to the business opportunity, a lot of people are unemployed or looking for another source of income so offer the FM Opportunity to them. NEVER MAKE A DECISION FOR A POTENTIAL CLIENT OR RECRUIT.

How much can I earn from the business?
This is up to you. It depends on the volume of sales in your team in any particular month. However, the more active people in your team, the higher your earning potential. You can earn as little as GH¢10.00 or as much as GH¢2000.00.The ball is in your court.

How long does it take to achieve success with FM Group?
This is also up to you but anything from 4 months and your earnings can get up to GH¢1000.00 and of course increases as you remain committed to the business.

How is my Commission Paid?
Commissions are usually paid between the 7th and 20th of the next month and would  be deposited into a Current Account or Savings Accounts  so please always ensure that the bank details you give us for your  Current Account or Savings Accounts are accurate.



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