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Classic Collection

43 | Energetic scent of cardamom, pinkpepper, mandarin, coriander and freesia.

52 | Hypnotic aroma of citruses, apple,cinnamon and spicy clove.

54 | Mysterious aroma of bergamot, mint,sage, lavender, cedar and oak moss.

56 | Inflaming your senses with extracts ofhoneysuckle, juniper, resin and cedar.

57 | Heavenly composition of apple, plum,cinnamon, pepper and Jamaican rum.

60 | Orange, mint, ginger, galanga, moss andmusk. The scent of freedom.

64 | Elegant and sensual aroma of mandarin,anise, musk and flowers of the olive tree.

66 | Delicate notes of lavender and Chinesecedar, enriched with accords of lime and balsamicambergis.

68 | Provoking scent of cedar wood, lavender,tobacco, bergamot and lemon.

83 | Delicate and captivating aroma ofbergamot, papyrus and sensual tones of musk.

93 | Modern, lively fragrance of bergamot,ginger, lavender and ivy.

94 | Cologne accord, sandalwood, patchouli,vetiver, ambergis, oak moss – fragrance of victory.

110 | Combined powers of vanilla, musk, amber,orange flower and lily of the valley.

120 | Chypre scent combining freshness oflemon and grapefruit with a deep note of amber.

133 | Light aroma of bergamot, orange and seabreeze.

134 | Captivating aroma of mandarin, bitterorange, cedar, patchouli and seaweed.

135 | Surprise with the intense aromaofmandarin, sour orange, santolina and ambergris.

140 | Mixture of the bitterness of wormwoodand exotic spicies, deepened with aroma of herbsand fruits.

188 | Sharp scent of ginger, nutmeg, pinkpepper and guayacan.

189 | Alive and pulsing combination ofgrapefruit, raspberry, lavender and heliotrope.

190 | Extremely masculine scent of cedar wood,sandalwood and guayacan sweetened with citruses.

205 | Carefree, refreshing scent of mandarin,violet, rosemary, cypress and mint.

206 | Wild fragrance exploding with thefreshness of mint, lime, rum, rhubarb, cedar andgreen tea.

207 | Noble wood aroma broken with thefreshness of patchouli, mandarin and apple.

208 | Ultramodern fragrance which seduceswith its sharpness of pink pepper and sweetness oftangerine.

209 | Cheerful blend of emotions of oak,cyprus, juniper, amber, watermelon and sea breeze.

210 | Captivating with its fresh aroma ofmandarin, basil, mint and pear leaves.

219 |Saffron, cinnamon, basil, black pepper anda few drops of orange created a composition with afierce temperament.

220 | Nonchalance and nonconformismexpressed by the scent of coffee, tobacco,wormwood, juniper, anise, cedar and patchouli.

221 |Intense, extremely manly smell of orientalincenses, rasins and balms sweetened by the smell ofviolet.

222 | Strong, sensual and dynamic aroma ofsage, lavender, oak moss, lemon and bergamot.

223 | Full of charm, an absolute combination ofiris root, tuberose, sandal tree and musk.

224 | Cane sugar, vanilla, ambergris, nutmegand jasmine create a sweet and a very seductivecomposition.

225 | Sophisticated aroma based on ebony andteak wood with a note of violet leaves, lavender,ginger and citrus.

226 | Crystalline breeze bringing the freshnessof citrus, hyacinth, lily of the valley and massoia tree.

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