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Classic Collection

FM 231 | Delightfully cool aroma ofrose, jasmine and water lilies

FM 232 | The most beautiful scents ofpeony, fresh violet leaves and Baie rose.

FM 233 | Impressive combination ofmandarin, white flowers and vanilla.

FM 234 | Natural aroma of tea roses,tulips and irises.

FM 235 | Sophisticated scent ofcardamom, violet and orange leaves.

FM 236 | Little flirtatious aroma oforange, grapefruit, Thai lily, gardeniaand violet.

FM 237 | Provoking and kittenish notesof peony, blackcurrant and vanilla.

FM 238 | Unique bouquet of orangeflowers, hyacinths, tuberose andcarnations.

FM 239 | Vibrant and intense fragranceof iris, Ceylon tea and campanulas.

FM 240 | Tempting aroma of wildstrawberries underlined with cherry andjasmine flowers.

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