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Classic Collection

FM 05 | Delightful and intriguing aroma ofsandalwood, coriander, rose and vanilla.

FM 06 | Selected mixed notes of citruses andoak moss.

FM 07 | Charming scent of sweet pea, freesiaand jasmine.

FM 09 | Deeply memorable extract of greenfruits, vanilla and musk.

FM 10 | Fresh notes of mandarin, rose, ivy andAfrican orchid.

FM 12 | Full of energy, hypnotic fragrance ofpassion fruit, vanilla, maple tree and jasmine.

FM 17 | Seductive scent created by combiningapple, freesia, tuberose and jasmine.

FM 18 | Radiant notes of orange, grapefruit andbergamot mixed with the sweetness of jasmineand rose.

FM 21 | Warm, dreamy scent of rose, jasmine andylang-ylang flower.

FM 23 | Sweet and very seducive notes oftangerine, jasmine and vanilla.

FM 24 | Exotic bouquet composed withdominating aromas of mango and mandarin.

FM 25 | A harmonious blend of freesia, iris,passionflower, exotic fruit and white cedar.

FM 26 | Oriental blend of orchid, magnoliaand pepper.

FM 32 | Intriguing and ambiguous aromaof mandarin, blackberry and mango with thesweetness of honey and chocolate.

FM 33 | Refreshing power of jasmine, white rose,bamboo, apple and lemon.

FM 34 | Fresh wave of citruses, hyacinth and iriswith a hint of patchouli and pink pepper.

FM 80 | Intriguing aroma of green mandarin,violet, strawberry sorbet and caramelised popcorn.

FM 81 | Eccentric scent of magnolia, lily of thevalley, rose and violet, complemented by thegentle notes of apple and green cucumber.

FM 97 | Crazy and extravagant scent of narcissus,lily of the valley, freesia, gardenia and oak moss.

FM 98 | Refreshing power of citrus deeped withsweet flowers and woody notes.

FM 101 | Mysterious aroma of white musk,vanilla, incense, orange flower and pear.

FM 122 | Essence of independence with theinspiration of jasmine, pomegranate and lily of thevalley.

FM 125 | Spinning aroma of mandarin,gardenia,grean peas and almond.

FM 132 | Exclusive and mysterious aroma ofgardenia, peony, orange, ambergis and tuberose.

FM 173 | Full of contradictions dominated by thearoma of pomegranate, black orchid, violet andmahogany tree.

FM 174 | Scent conjured up from fresh lilies,freesia, magnolia and jasmine.

FM 177 | A scent of saffron, incense, vanilla,bergamot and orange flower to free your desires.

FM 180 | Timeless, seducive aroma of raspberry,lychee, freesia, rose, patchouli and vanilla.

FM 181 | Playful and flirtatious scent where youfind citrus fruit, redcurrant and water lily.

FM 183 | Sexy combination of the helleborusflower, pink pepper, cranberry, massoia tree andvanilla.

FM 185 | Feminine and incredibly sensual aromaof jasmine and basmati rise.

FM 250 | Exciting scent of lily, mimosa, iris,vanilla, sandalwood and fresh peach juice.

FM 251 | Deep and seductive aroma of rose,sandalwood, patchouli and iris roots.

FM 252 | Elegant aroma of calabrias bergamot,orange, juniper berries, cypress and almonds.

FM 253 | Sweet, alluring scent of sandalwood,patchouli, vetiver, pineapple, coconut and jasmine.

FM 254 | Delicate and ethereal aroma of mint,green cucumber, watermelon and cardamom.

FM 255 | Fascinating combination of nutmeg,mirabelle, palisander, lime-tree, freesia and rose.

FM 256 | Inspiring, seductive bouquet createdwith mandarin flowers, calla, lotus, rose andstephanotis.

FM 257 | A sophisticated, surprisingly originalcombination of daisy, rose, jasmine , musk andpatchouli

FM 258 | Mysterious and seductive aroma ofmusk, ambergis, Moroccan rose and incense.

FM 259 | Exotic aroma with pulsating notes ofviolet, musk, patchouli, peony, vanilla and clove.

FM 260 | Delicate and tempting fresh aroma ofmandarin, violet, magnolia, jasmine and freesia.

FM 261 | Artistic Ikebana arranged with lotusflowers, freesia, cyclamen, peony, carnation andtuberose.

FM 262 | Universal captivating compositionwith its charm of freesia, mandarin, sage, lily of thevalley, marigold and narcissus.

FM 263 | Combination fragrance of jasmine,tuberose, lily of the valley and musk with the biteof citrus and tropical wood.

FM 264 | Unforgettable composition of sweetpeach with intoxicating smell of freesia, tuberose,hibiscus and sandal tree.

FM 265 | Romantic fragrance, the heart of whichis blossom rose and freesia combined with thesmell of orange, patchouli and musk.

FM 266 | Elegant combination of fresh bergamotand nerol with sensual scent of magnolia andylang-ylang flowers.

FM 267 | Energetic combination of bergamot,red orange, jasmine, plum and blackcurrant withthe intoxicating scent of musk, cedar tree andpatchouli.

FM 268 | Rich composition combining anise,liquorice and violet with the sophisticated aroma ofpatchouli, vetiver, labdanum resin, ambergris andtonka bean.

FM 269 | Sensual smell of lilies, lavender,heliotropium and musk composed with mildmandarin, sweet vanilla and spicy aroma of pinkpepper.

FM 270 | Elegance with a hint of extravagance:sweet pea, bergamot, pink pepper, heliotropium,elemi rasin, tonka bean and patchouli.

FM 271 | Aroma of juicy papaya, kiwi andpomegranate combined with a coquettish smellof vanilla, hibiscus, orchid and ambergris.

FM 272 | Essence of youth and energy inspiredby juicy mandarin, rasberries, freesia, violet, iris andsandal tree.

FM 273 | Mature sensual smell of magnolia,ylang-ylang, iris and cedar tree.

FM 274 | Intoxicating feminine aroma of orchid,pink pepper, tree chords, ambergris and musk.

FM 275 | Captivating combination of jasmine, lilyof the valley, freesia and cyclamen with bergamot,grapefruit, cucumber and amber.

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